Premium Kiteboards


Woodboard is an Austrian family brand, located on the windspot Neusiedlersee. Manfred, founder and engineer, a pioneer board shaper, was among the first producers of snowboards in the early 1980s. After discovering his passion for kitesurfing, he decided to apply his expert craft to his new sport of choice, and established Woodboard in 2011.

After  losing his left hand indexfinger while shaping on a prototype the brand uses the slogan "nine finger shape".


Our primary goal is to conjure a big smile of enthusiasm into the face of our customers after the kitesession. For this, we work intensively at the interface between man and water.

We promote sustainable tourism, healthy lifestyle, camaraderie in spots and long lasting friendship. We invest in upcoming talents. We nourisch and cherisch our relationship with our clients, collaborators and teamriders. We spend plenty time in the water and test our own designs until the balance of quality/price/fun is right.



Our Kiteboards are designed by engineers and made by masters of their trade, that are in boardsports for a very long time. Our design approach is on one hand based on evidences of the flow laboratory, on the other hand based on long term experience.

High level of quality control in all processes of design and production. 

We sponsor team riders to challenge the performance and resistance of our products.

All our boards come in 3D with woodcore from sustainable production.