Premium Kiteboards


The first Woodboards were created in the garage of founder Manfred Kernstock. A pioneer board shaper, Manfred was among the first producers of Snowboards in the early 1980s. After discovering his passion for kitesurfing, he decided to apply his expert craft to his new sport of choice, and established Woodboard in 2011.


We’re passionate about our work, and so are the many people who have discovered the feeling of riding our lightweight, hand-crafted boards. We’re always looking for ways to show our enthusiasm on and off the water – and now our riders and fans can join us. Check out our shirts, caps, bags and more – it’s all about the Woodboard lifestyle



We are excited to ship the family & friends collection to every country in the E.U. Manfred and his  team will pack your order to make sure everything is just perfect. The whole woodboard team loves customer feedback, so please make sure to let us know what you like or dislike.